Donna M Oddy

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Quantifying habitat-specific survival and changes in habitat quality within disturbance-prone habitats is critical for understanding population dynamics and variation in fitness, and for managing degraded ecosystems. We used 18 years of color-banding data and multistate capture-recapture models to test whether habitat quality within territories influences(More)
The concept of source and sinks can guide conservation, but empirical studies are needed to demonstrate that this concept applies to the real world. We investigated whether the source–sink concept could help to clarify the influence of habitat potential (scrub ridge characteristics), population density, and fires (shrub heights) on Florida ScrubJay(More)
We studied the population structure and historical demography of the last remaining core population of the threatened southeastern beach mouse (SEBM; Peromyscus polionotus niveiventris) located on a federally protected barrier island complex at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR) and Cape Canaveral Air Force(More)
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