Donna M. Mooney

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A microcomputer-controlled data acquisition system was designed to detect the fetal cardiac electrical signal in maternal transabdominal recordings. Data were collected in 3-min blocks over rive channels at a rate of 833 Hz per channel. A two-queue sampling algorithm allowed for data to be collected in one queue while the other queue was writing to disk.(More)
This paper reports the results of evaluating a large sample of the 23,858 type-10 homographs found in Roget's International Thesaurus (3rd Ed.) as defined by the Bryan Model of abstract thesauri, of which Roget's is an instantiation. According to the Bryan model, two different entries in a thesaurus that have the same spelling are homographs (semantically(More)
Thesaural lexicons, in particular Roget's International Thesaurus, represent a rich knowledge-base of culturally validated semantic associations which extend over most of the English language. It has been shown that the Thesaurus can be a valuable tool in non-domain-specific approaches to natural language Artificial Intelligence. The importance of this(More)
Transabdominal f~ el~ " ography is noninvasive and allows for relatively precise evaluation of fetal cardiac activity as compared to methods based on the processing of Doppler signals generated by cardiac valve motion. We described a portable, _ ~puter (P@Xmtldled data acquisition system designed to noninvasively capture R-waves in the fetal(More)
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