Donna M Malvey

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In the highly competitive health care environment, the survival of an organization may depend on how well powerful stakeholders are managed. Yet, the existing strategic stakeholder management process does not include evaluation of stakeholder management performance. To address this critical gap, this paper proposes a systematic method for evaluation using a(More)
As health care organizations expand and move into global markets, they face many leadership challenges, including the difficulty of leading individuals who are geographically dispersed. This article provides global managers with guidelines for leading and motivating individuals or teams from a distance while overcoming the typical challenges that "virtual(More)
Given the current operating climate, organizations are coming under pressure to develop and implement sustainability programs and projects, yet few managers truly understand what is meant by sustainability and its implications for managing organizations. This article examines the concept of sustainability and provides a broader definition of the term than(More)
Violence in the health care workplace is occurring in a covert fashion; it is occurring at the patient bedside. However, data on workplace violence tend to be underreported and relatively scarce. This article identifies and examines the phenomenon of unreported and underreported workplace violence against nursing staff that is virtually hidden. Health care(More)
In spite of the technological sophistication and clinical excellence of the U.S. health care industry and annual health expenditures in excess of a trillion dollars, the overall health status of the American population is comparatively poor. The BCHS in west central Florida sought to improve the health status of the communities that it serves. Known by the(More)
Introduction Telehealth systems and mobile health (mHealth) devices allow for the exchange of both physical and mental healthcare data, as well as information from a patient to a practitioner, or care recipient to caregiver; but there has been little research on why users are motivated to engage with telehealth systems. Given this, we sought to create a(More)
This study looks at employee information sharing among hospitals, a topic that is underresearched, underreported, and under the radar for most healthcare leaders. We initiated the research under the assumption that executives in healthcare are reluctant to share employment reference information about staff beyond the employee's name, dates of employment,(More)
This special issue is intended to generate new knowledge as well as provocative research questions. Application is showcased in several articles. This collection of papers permits researchers throughout the world to gain insight and understanding of what others are doing in their fields and possibilities for future study. In the past, multidisciplinary(More)