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Soft Power, Sports Mega-Events and Emerging States: The Lure of the Politics of Attraction
This article highlights and analyses a hitherto largely neglected dimension to the growing agency of large developing countries in global affairs: their hosting of international sports mega-events.Expand
The Growing Influence of Business in U.K. Diplomacy.
Editor’s Note: The following is the second instalment of ISP’s Policy Forum, and we hope for more instalments in future issues of the journal. This Policy Forum focuses on the apparent rise ofExpand
The old and new significance of political economy in diplomacy
In a growing number of countries diplomatic systems are being overhauled so that the commercial activities of diplomatic services have been centralised, the commercial activities of diplomats haveExpand
Small State Discourses in the International Political Economy
Abstract This article supports growing calls to ‘take small states seriously’ in the international political economy but questions prevailing interpretations that ‘smallness’ entails inherentExpand
The political economy of precarious work in the tourism industry in small island developing states
ABSTRACT International tourism is now the predominant industry driving growth in many small island developing states (SIDS). Governments of small islands in the Indian Ocean, Caribbean and PacificExpand
Latin America's Indigenous Peoples
Among the key influences shaping the quality of democracy in Latin America today are the recent political mobilization and formal incorporation of indigenous peoples. In countries where such peoplesExpand
Early Lessons from Jurisdictional REDD + and Low Emissions Development Programs
Acknowledgments This paper would not have been possible without input from a number of people who generously provided their time and insights. We wish to particularly acknowledge Daniela Goehler andExpand
v. 1. The impacts of international REDD+ finance -- v. 2. Colombia case study -- v. 3. DRC case study -- v. 4. Ghana case study -- v. 5. Guyana case study -- v. 6. Mexico case study -- v. 7. VietnamExpand
African agency in global trade governance