Donna L. Kennedy

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Negative physical and verbal interactions occurring between early adolescents and their closest-spaced sibling were examined. Two hundred forty-four junior high school students provided information concerning their experiences as victims and perpetrators of aggressive and agonistic behaviors. Results confirm earlier studies' findings that siblings engage in(More)
UNLABELLED Critics of the use of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) in an emergency department (ED) setting believe that they are too cumbersome and time-consuming, but to the best of the authors' knowledge, potential barriers to CPG adherence in the ED have not been prospectively evaluated. OBJECTIVES To measure provider adherence to an ED CPG based on(More)
PURPOSE Most previous research has used quantitative patient-rated outcome measures to identify patients' perceptions related to metacarpophalangeal (MCP) arthroplasty. However, little is known about the lived experience of this procedure. The present study aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of patients' expectations and experiences, and the(More)
Trends in the reporting of serious adverse events directly to FDA between 1992 and 1994 and the quality of reports before and after the June 1993 launching of MedWatch were studied. Computerized data were used to assess changes between 1992 and 1994 in the proportion of adverse-event reports to FDA classified as serious. To evaluate the quality of reports,(More)
STUDY DESIGN Measurement Reliability. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the test-retest reliability of one vs. the mean of three trials of pain-free grip strength in participants with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The study used was a repeated-measures, crossover design. Pain-free grip strength was measured with the Biometric E-Link Evaluation System(More)
A systematic literature review was undertaken to determine if conditioned pain modulation (CPM) is reliable. Longitudinal, English language observational studies of the repeatability of a CPM test paradigm in adult humans were included. Two independent reviewers assessed the risk of bias in 6 domains; study participation; study attrition; prognostic factor(More)
OBJECTIVE DIP joint OA is common but has few cost-effective, evidence-based interventions. Pain and deformity [radial or ulnar deviation of the joint or loss of full extension (extension lag)] frequently lead to functional and cosmetic issues. We investigated whether splinting the DIP joint would improve pain, function and deformity. METHODS A(More)
The interaction of alcoholics and their spouses in a simulation game was systematically observed and compared to the behavior of nonalcoholic couples. Overall, 28 couples played a mixed-motive bargaining game, the "tax game," which is a modification of Kelly's "game of nines." Alcohol couples as a group did not manifest a distinct game "style." They were(More)
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