Donna J. Lee

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Recent research has suggested that only a subset of Type A's may be at higher risk for negative health outcomes. The present prospective study of 416 air traffic controllers attempted to determine if a sub-group of Type A's who were disliked by their co-workers had significantly higher risk of injury than liked A's and all Type B's over a 27-month period.(More)
The impact of hostility was examined in relation to the conduct and results of a clinical field trial. Data were derived from a multi-center randomized double-blind study of the comparative effects of antihypertensive therapy (captopril, methyldopa and propranolol) on the quality of life of 620 hypertensive men. Hostility levels were higher in subjects(More)
This study examined psychosocial correlates of immune function and illness in 89 male first-year US Air Force Academy cadets. A psychosocial questionnaire was administered to cadets prior to their arrival at the academy and was readministered during cadet orientation and during the stressful environment of Basic Cadet Training (BCT). Immune responsiveness(More)
Although the invasive plant Melaleuca has been in Florida for over 100 years, very little information exists on the extent of its coverage, area treated, control methods used, treatment costs, and the negative economic and environmental effects caused. To help remedy this lack of information, a survey of professional land managers in south Florida was(More)
To assess the current situation and management practices for control of the invasive species Melaleuca in south Florida, a survey was conducted in 2004. This research was undertaken as part of the Areawide Management Evaluation of Melaleuca (TAME Melaleuca), in collaboration with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service and the South Florida Water Management(More)
An invasive species, as defined in 1999 by Presidential Executive Order 13112, is " an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. " Alien or invasive species have affected many, if not most, countries around the world in some way. In some cases, these non-native species have been(More)
A survey of marine life wholesalers was initiated in 1999 as a first step towards understanding the nature of Florida's marine life industry, the demand for Florida product both domestically and internationally, and the need for changes in the way the industry is regulated. Florida firms deal primarily in marine species and collect much of their own(More)
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