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This article presents a survey of service-oriented architecture and Web services within telecommunications. Telecommunications over the past few years has been in a state of constant flux, with shifts in regulations, increased competition, and technological progress. The article describes these forces in detail and shows that the need for successful(More)
The Telecommunication Service Exchange is a communication service platform based on a digital marketplace concept that enables customers to purchase telecommunication services. Customers are able buy product through this platform just as in a supermarket without being compelled to buy services from a particular producer or service provider. To enable this(More)
This paper presents the agent grid service marketplace (AGSM), a novel framework that allows dynamic service provision in next generation wireless systems. The AGSM will allow mobile service and content providers to register, discover and compose services by forming virtual organization and to sell these services to business and retail customers on a per(More)
Building on the success of short message service (SMS), the use of multimedia messaging service (MMS), is taking off on global system for mobile (GSM) communications, General packet radio service (GPRS) and universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) networks. Multimedia messages for person-to-person communication greatly enhance the messages users(More)
The cognitive states that underlie animal behavior may include conscious, subjective, mental experiences. Familiar arguments to the contrary are inconclusive. Interactive communication between social animals may well include the exchange of information about subjective feelings and thoughts. Objective data about the subjective experiences of certain animals(More)
The simple kinds of conscious thinking that probably occur in nonhuman animals can be studied objectively by utilizing the same basic procedure that we use every day to infer what our human companions think and feel. This is to base such inferences on communicative behavior, broadly defined to include human language, nonverbal communication, and semantic(More)