Donna F. Herring

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This report summarizes the national data collected by the Patterns of Care Study in the process and outcome of care in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix. Substantial variation was found from a consensus of best current management, although training facilities tended to score higher than nontraining on a compliance measure. Four year national averages(More)
In a statistically valid random sample of 387 patients selected from the national practice and treated with radiation therapy in 1973 for Hodgkin's disease, the 4-year recurrence-free survival was: stage IA, 82%; stage IIA, 75%; stage IIIA. 60%; and combined stages IB-IIIB, 50%. Observations of in-field recurrence in 996 separate lymph node areas show no(More)
The outcome of treatment for Hodgkin's disease has been determined for 407 patients treated in 1973. A two-level random sampling assures that these results are representative of the national practice. Actuarial analysis of recurrence-free survival at four years is: Stage IA, 80%; Stage IIA, 75%; Stage IIIA, 60%; combined Stages IB, IIB, and IIIB, 50%.(More)
The Johns Hopkins Oncology Center, Baltimore, has carried out a pilot study of a method of data collection and analysis to be used for planning and evaluation of continuing education programs conducted in the Maryland region. This study includes definition of techniques used to prepare a test instrument that will accurately reflect actual medical practice(More)