Donna F Bailey

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Health care providers are the most influential and trusted source of information about breastfeeding, yet many are neither prepared nor able to provide good breastfeeding counseling to their clients. This paper reports findings on low-income mothers' and on providers' perceptions of professional breastfeeding counseling. Data collection included focus group(More)
Blood transfusion affects outcomes after trauma, but whether elderly patients are disproportionately affected remains unknown. To determine the possible interaction between age, packed cell transfusion volume (PCTV), and mortality after injury, we designed a 6-year retrospective review (January 1995 through December 2000) of patients > or = 16 years of age(More)
A 33-year-old man suffered from locally recurrent malignant fibrous histiocytoma of his left thigh unresponsive to previous excision, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hyperthermic treatment. He underwent radical hemipelvectomy for cure. Because of extensive tumor involvement, a free flap consisting of his distal left leg based on the popliteal artery(More)
Best Start is an innovative social marketing approach to promote breastfeeding among low-income women. Focus group interviews were used to identify the determinants of infant-feeding decisions and the most effective strategies for encouraging women to breastfeed. Motivations and perceived barriers related to breastfeeding and social network influences on(More)
Neurophysiological studies on molluscan nerve cells have provided a large proportion of the knowledge concerning neuronal physiology (Tauc, 1956; Tauc & Gerschenfeld, 1962; Tauc & Hughes, 1963a, b; Arvanitaki & Chalazonitis, 1955; Hodgkin & Huxley, 1952) and nervous integration (Bullock, 1948; Kerkut & Cottrell, 1963; Kerkut & Thomas, 1963; Kerkut & Walker,(More)
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