Donna Crystal Llewellyn

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We recently noticed an error in our paper, " Local optimization on graphs " , The error is not too serious, in that all of the lemmata, propositions, and theorems are correct as given. However, the divide-and-conquer algorithm in Section 2.1, p. 159, is incomplete. The necessary changes are as follows (all changes are to p. 159): (2) In Steps 1 and 2, " S "(More)
Two-lattice polyhedra are a special class of lattice polyhedra that include network ow poly-hedra, fractional matching polyhedra, matroid intersection polyhedra, the intersection of two polymatroids, etc. In this paper we show that the maximum sum of components of a vector in a 2-lattice polyhedron is equal to the minimum capacity of a cover for the(More)
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