Donna Champion

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Purpose of this paper The purpose of the exploratory study, reported in this paper, was to revisit and critically reappraise the impact of IT upon organizational structure, by exploring how the deployment of ERP, when accompanied by a specific strategic orientation, impacted upon the host organisation’s structural design. Design/methodology/approach The(More)
Many products developed today are becoming increasingly reliant on embedded software to facilitate customisation. Such products are becoming extraordinarily complex systems to design, update and maintain throughout the entire product life cycle. To support the design of complex systems there is a need for a complete re-conceptualisation of the traditional(More)
1. Oral administration of trans- and cis-2-methyldecalin to rabbits increased the urinary glucuronide content. 2. The metabolite of the trans isomer was isolated and shown to be either trans-cis-6- or -7-methyl-2-decalol. The metabolite of the cis isomer was shown to be a 1:1 mixture of cis-6-methyl-2-decalol and cis-7-methyl-2-decalols, but the(More)