Donna C. Walter

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Levels of ATP are near normal in the cockroach nerve cord when hypoxia is sufficient to cause coma as determined by behavioral observations and nerve cord electrical activity. During anoxia the major change in ATP occurs after loss of measurable nerve activity. High glycogen levels and reduced energy demands due to coma may contribute to the resistance to(More)
Intraocular injections of the neuroexcitatory toxin, kainic acid, did not alter the output of the retinal ganglion cells, as determined by the rate of glucose use in the stratum griseum superficialis of the superior colliculus. However, significant differences were observed in cholinergic interactions of the ganglion cells after kainic acid treatment.(More)
A simple method of freeze-drying tissue is described that does not require a continuously running vacuum pump. After the frozen tissue is positioned a few centimeters from the dessicant in a drying tube, a vacuum pump is attached briefly to lower the pressure in the drying tube. The drying tube is closed at a pressure of 5 X 10(-3) mm Hg or less, and the(More)
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