Donna C Nichols

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Su Vida, Su Salud/Your Life, Your Health is a community program to increase participation in breast and cervical cancer screening. This program illustrates the diffusion of an innovative outreach strategy from a research environment to two local health departments. The program uses A Su Salud, the communication model in which positive role models are(More)
INTRODUCTION Although recent studies have documented the low participation level of Hispanic women in cancer screening, few have examined their predisposing knowledge and attitudes concerning cancer. We documented the knowledge and fears concerning cancer of an older population of Mexican-American women and how these factors relate to screening behavior and(More)
We have evaluated a new commercially available radioimmunoassay kit for albumin determination in urine. The assay is precise; within-run precision (CV) in the clinically significant ranges is 1.8-3.5%, between-run, 1.2-8.5%. The minimum detection limit was 0.6 micrograms/ml. Analytic recovery of different concentrations of albumin added to urine ranged from(More)
This paper discusses the historical context and current challenges of obesity prevention and control initiatives in Texas to understand how the obesity epidemic has been addressed by multiple interacting stakeholders over the past decade. By reviewing state reports and interviewing key decision makers, this paper chronicles recent efforts in Texas by(More)
The Lokomat robotic orthosis is used for locomotion therapy because it is capable of moving a subject's legs through a normal, symmetric gait pattern during intensive, time-unlimited training sessions. With a motion tracking system to track limb segments, 6 degrees of freedom loadcells at the leg cuffs to measure robot-subject interaction forces, and an(More)
We evaluated the use of a community-based intervention model to increase Pap smear and mammogram screening in minority women. The community programs were based on the A Su Salud (To Your Health) model, which includes the presentation of positive role models in the media and positive social reinforcement by community volunteers. Mexican-American women 40-70(More)
The Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program changed urine screening and confirmation cutoff concentrations for opiate testing from 300 to 2000 ng/mL in 1998. Morphine was the designated target compound. An additional heroin metabolite, 6-acetylmorphine (6-AM), was added to the testing procedure with a cutoff concentration > or = 10 ng/mL. Testing of 6-AM was(More)
BACKGROUND Imagine yourself in Texas as a newly arrived immigrant who does not speak English. What would you do if your child became ill? How would you find a doctor? When you find one, will the doctor speak your native language or understand your culture? In a state of approximately 22 million people, many Texas residents, marginalized by poverty and(More)
The heterotrimeric G proteins are a conserved family of guanyl nucleotide-binding proteins that appear in all eukaryotic cells but whose developmental functions are largely unknown. We have examined the developmental expression of representative G proteins in the developing nervous system of the moth Manduca sexta. Using affinity-purified antisera against(More)