Donna C. Dupuis

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We present a novel algorithm for path planning that avoids occlusions of a visual target for an ldquoeye-in-handrdquo sensor on an articulated robot arm. We compute paths using a probabilistic roadmap to avoid collisions between the robot and obstacles, while penalizing trajectories that do not maintain line-of-sight. The system determines the space from(More)
This work aims to increase reliability and reduce cycle time in order to realize a commercially-viable visionguided robotic bin-picking system. We present a novel method for two-fingered grasp generation and target selection for binpicking of randomized parts. We also propose a definition for grasp robustness, and use this to formulate a new grasp quality(More)
Deep Green is a vision-based, intelligent robotic system that currently shoots pool at a better-than-amateur level, with the ultimate goal of challenging a proficient human opponent at a championship level. The system's robotic aspects rely primarily on computer vision. The system is centered on a 3-degree-of-freedom gantry robot mounted to the ceiling to(More)
This paper describes the development of Deep Green, an intelligent robotic system that is currently in development to play competitive pool against a proficient human opponent. The design philosophy and the main system components are presented, and the progress to date is summarized. We also address a common misconception about the game of pool, i.e. that(More)
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