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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition typically arising in childhood, which untreated, can have consequences reaching into adolescence and beyond. Effective pharmacological treatment is available and has become widespread in the West. Outcomes for both the child with ADHD and the parent may be influenced by the nature of interaction(More)
Epidemiological and clinical data suggest high rates of suicidal behavior in alcohol-dependent individuals. Suicide attempters are likely to be young, to be single or separated, and to have made prior attempts. They differ from non-attempters by higher levels of impulsive aggression, drug use, and psychiatric comorbidity, particularly personality and(More)
Chronic pain and addictive disorders present significant medical and public health problems; both are underdiagnosed and inadequately treated. The cooccurrence of pain and addiction adds complexity to the assessment and treatment of both disorders. Research on the link between pain and substance use disorders (SUDs) has focused on the bidirectional(More)
Multiple technology based tools have been used to enhance skill development in allied health education, which now includes virtual learning environments. The purpose of this study was to explore whether, and how, this latest instructional technology is being adapted in allied health education. An online survey was circulated to all Association of Schools of(More)
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