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The present in vivo study was designed to examine the effects of the antioxidants, N,N-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPPD) and a 21-aminosteroid (U74389G), on methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)-2-benzimidazole-carbamate (benomyl)-induced lipid peroxidation and glutathione depletion in rats. Male Sprague Dawley rats weighing 200 250 g were used in this study and were(More)
Pierce's disease (PD, Xylella fastidiosa) of grapevine is the primary pathogen limiting vinifera grape production in Florida and other regions of the southeastern United States. Quick and accurate detection of PD strains is essential for PD studies and control. A unique random amplified polymorphic DNA (PD1-1-2) was isolated from a PD strain from Florida.(More)
The nucleotide sequences of 16S rDNAs (coding for the small subunit ribosomal RNAs) were used to identify Xylella fastidiosa, a nutritionally fastidious plant pathogenic bacterium. The near-complete 16S rDNAs from nine strains of Xyl. fastidiosa, including seven pathotypes and one strain of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris, were amplified through PCR(More)
The influence of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) on neurones in the dorsal medulla has been examined in 71 urethane/sagatal-anaesthetised rats. Of 536 neurones localised and tested for responses to electrical stimulation of both the vagus and/or the PVN, 378 were synaptically or antidromically activated following vagal stimulation 72 of which(More)
The effects of water washing and NaCl treatment on the cell surface of P. denitrificans were studied. Both treatments caused a release of material from cells. Chemical studies showed that NaCl treatment released material containing components characteristic of outer membrane. This treatment also increased the susceptibility of the organism to lysozyme.(More)
Helicobacter pylori colonizes the gastric epithelium of at least 50% of the world's human population, playing a causative role in the development of chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers, and gastric adenocarcinoma. Current evidence indicates that H. pylori can invade epithelial cells in the gastric mucosa. However, relatively little is known about the biology(More)
Domestic cats are known to release an ovulatory LH surge in response to coitus. In this study, we determined the LH release following coitus on consecutive days of estrus. Variable responses to 2 matings were obtained as to the day of the ovulatory LH release: 6/14 on Day 1 (the first day of estrus), 3/14 on Day 2, 4/14 on Day 3 and 1/14 on Day 4 of estrus.(More)
The pathway for chemoreceptor input to hypothalamic supraoptic nuclei has been examined in anaesthetised lactating and non-lactating rats. In lactating rats, the increase in intramammary pressure following bilateral carotid occlusion, which is probably mainly due to vasopressin, was abolished by lesions in the septum, but not by lesions in more caudal(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of the Bayer microalbumin/creatinine urine reagent strip compared to established laboratory methods. METHODS Random urine specimens from low and high risk pregnancy clinics as well as a random cohort from the community were analyzed for microalbumin and creatinine using both the reagent(More)
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