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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of a health fair and incentive program on the reduction of serum cholesterol levels among participants. DESIGN Pretest-posttest control group design, with a 6-month delay between pretest and posttest screenings. SETTING Health fair program for employees of a large midwestern school district. PARTICIPANTS Volunteer(More)
The influence of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) on neurones in the dorsal medulla has been examined in 71 urethane/sagatal-anaesthetised rats. Of 536 neurones localised and tested for responses to electrical stimulation of both the vagus and/or the PVN, 378 were synaptically or antidromically activated following vagal stimulation 72 of which(More)
Urethane-anaesthetized rats were used to investigate the influence of lesions within the locus coeruleus on the inhibition of phasically discharging supraoptic neurones that normally follows the activation of arterial baroreceptors. Carotid sinus baroreceptors were stimulated by the inflation of a blind sac of the carotid bifurcation. A general activation(More)
The effect of carotid body chemoreceptor stimulation on 292 neurons in midline hypothalamic nuclei has been examined electrophysiologically in ethyl carbamate/sodium pentobarbitone anaesthetized rats. Experiments demonstrated that specific stimulation of carotid body chemoreceptors activates a small group (16) of neurons in the mediobasal hypothalamic(More)
The case is reported of a 45-year-old woman who was being treated for chronic back and right leg pain with intrathecal morphine administered via a subcutaneous continuous-infusion device. She received an accidental 450-mg bolus injection of morphine intrathecally and developed hypertension, status epilepticus, intracerebral hemorrhage, and respiratory(More)
The pathway for chemoreceptor input to hypothalamic supraoptic nuclei has been examined in anaesthetised lactating and non-lactating rats. In lactating rats, the increase in intramammary pressure following bilateral carotid occlusion, which is probably mainly due to vasopressin, was abolished by lesions in the septum, but not by lesions in more caudal(More)
In four patients with cold agglutinins, erythrocyte mean corpuscular volume was increased. Erythrocyte volume histograms showed that in each case macrocytosis was due entirely to doublet erythrocytes counted as single cells. For two of the four patients, macrocytosis was reported intermittently, when the blood had been allowed to cool to room temperature(More)
The effects of water washing and NaCl treatment on the cell surface of P. denitrificans were studied. Both treatments caused a release of material from cells. Chemical studies showed that NaCl treatment released material containing components characteristic of outer membrane. This treatment also increased the susceptibility of the organism to lysozyme.(More)
(1960) Active muscle vasodilatation produced by stimulation of the brain stem: its significance in the defense reaction. (1984) Projections from C2 and C3 nerves supplying muscles and skin of the cat neck: a study using transganglionic transport of horseradish peroxidase. Effect of estrogen on the responsivity of hypothalamic and mesencephalic neurons in(More)
A method is described which enables single unit recordings to be made from neurones over a wide area of the brain-stem of awake, unrestrained cats. A small headpiece, made from titanium and acrylic, was fixed to the skull over a craniotomy at pre-set stereotaxic co-ordinates. Between recording sessions the craniotomy was sealed. During recording, a(More)