Donna Austin

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Previous investigations have drawn conflicting conclusions concerning the association between childhood leukemia and maternal age, birth order, socioeconomic status, and paternal occupation. In this study, 255 childhood leukemia cases diagnosed in California between 1975 and 1980 were individually matched with two living controls on the basis of sex, date(More)
BACKGROUND In 1994, Oregon implemented the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), extending health care coverage under a system of capitated managed care to uninsured citizens living below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). We conducted a study to measure receipt of clinical preventive services among women newly enrolled in the OHP. METHODS Six hundred and sixty six(More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of disordered gambling worldwide has been estimated at 2.3%. Only a small minority of disordered gamblers seek specialist face-to-face treatment, and so a need for alternative treatment delivery models that capitalise on advances in communication technology, and use self-directed activity that can complement existing services has(More)
Studies have shown that people who require single room isolation while in hospital often feel lonely, sad, worried, bored and in need of information. A literature review identified only 16 papers reporting on the child's experience of isolation. Findings indicate that children feel lonely, are scared of the personal protective equipment and feel bored.(More)
An 18-item questionnaire assessing attitudes toward AIDS and homosexuality was administered to 420 Australian tertiary students. The predictive power of attitudes toward homosexuality, empathy toward AIDS sufferers, knowledge about AIDS, church attendance, age, and sex was tested using independent and stepwise multiple-regression analyses. In the stepwise(More)
Some argue that using condoms is religiously unacceptable. Arrow, a non-profit nongovernmental organization in Guam dealing with AIDS issues, however, directly opposes this view. There is no risk of HIV transmission through sexual intercourse without condoms between sex partners who have been mutually monogamous for at least the past ten years, who have(More)
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