Donna Arnold

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On 11 March 2011, an earthquake occurred about 130 km off the Pacific coast of Japan’s main island Honshu, followed by a large tsunami. The resulting loss of electric power at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant developed into a disaster causing massive release of radioactivity into the atmosphere. In this study, we determine the emissions into the(More)
Saw dust was used as substrate for xylanase production from Arthrobacter sp. MTCC 6915. The study of period of incubation, temperature, pH, carbon, and nitrogen sources for xylanase production was optimized. Xylanase production was found to be optimum at an incubation period of 96 hrs (117.0 U/mL), temperature 30°C (105.0 U/mL), and pH 9.0 (102.9 U/mL). The(More)
During the past years the modelling community, both from the application and pure research perspectives, has been facing the challenge of high-resolution modelling in places with complex topography. In February 2012, as a result of the collaborative efforts of BOKU-Met, ARSC, IMG and the enthusiasm of the scientific community, the HiRCoT workshop was held(More)
The Graduate School has verified and approved the above named committee members. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS All praises are due to God for the countless blessings that enabled me to keep the faith required to continue on this journey. Maroney for their help with my research and for always being there for me. Their mentoring has provided me with memories that will(More)
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