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STUDY OBJECTIVES An ideal biomarker for sleep should change rapidly with sleep onset, remain at a detectably differential level throughout the sleep period, and exhibit a rapid change with waking. Currently, no molecular marker has been identified that exhibits all three properties. This study examined three substances (lactate, glucose, and glutamate) for(More)
  • Michael Thomas Petr, Paula T Hammond, Brad Olsen, Alan Hatton, Steve Kooi, Bill Dinatale +84 others
  • 2012
Photo-responsive liquid crystal polymers (LCP) which contain azobenzene moieties have gained interest for their ability to change properties by merely irradiating them with the correct wavelength of light in the appropriate temperature range. Furthermore, they have been crosslinked for elasticity and to translate this property change into photo-mechanical(More)
A vital component to a successful animal surgery is providing the animal with proper post­surgery care. To promote healthy recovery, Pinnacle advises waiting 5­7 days before beginning experiments. This includes attempting to plug in a headstage or preamplifier into the animal's EEG/EMG headmount or inserting a biosensor into a cannula. When housing animals(More)
Sirenia ® Beginning January 15, all Pinnacle products will be shipped with Sirenia ® , our new acquisition software package. Sirenia ® will seamlessly integrate all of our EEG, biosensor, and video systems. Beta versions of the software are currently available online. Sirenia ® supports the integration of third-party data streams via a National Instruments(More)
Reminder Pinnacle recently released Version 1.2.3 of our Sirenia ® sof tware. To ensure that y ou're getting the most f rom this sof tware program, we recommend regularly updating y our sof tware. The new v ersion can be downloaded f or f ree f rom our website. Surgery Tip Working with Wire Leads: When arranging and placing screws with wire leads, it is(More)
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