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This study examined the psychometric properties of an expanded version of the Algase Wandering Scale (Version 2) (AWS-V2) in a cross-cultural sample. A cross-sectional survey design was used. Study subjects were 172 English-speaking persons with dementia (PWD) from long-term care facilities in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Two or more facility staff rated(More)
Consumers engage in food handling practices that can contribute to foodborne illness, and there is interest in improving those behaviors. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of the " Food Safe Families " clean and separate messages on cross-contamination behaviors of consumers and to determine the impact of external safe food handling(More)
After noting a striking difference in the dosing practices of two treating psychiatrists, each responsible for the operation of a clozapine unit in a state psychiatric hospital, the authors conducted a retrospective chart review to assess the clinical efficacy of low dose x = 294 mg. per day) versus high dose (x = 525 mg. per day) clozapine treatment for a(More)
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