Donia R. Scott

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In this paper we discuss a study of the expression of procedural relations in multilingual user instructions~ in particular the relations of Gene,ution and Enablement. These procedural relations are defined in terms of a plan representation model, and applied in a corpus study of English, French, and Portuguese instructions. The results of our analysis(More)
Ontology authoring is a specialised task requiring amongst other things a deep knowledge of the ontology language being used. Understanding and reusing ontologies can thus be difficult for domain experts, who tend not to be ontology experts. To address this problem, we have developed a Natural Language Generation system for transforming the axioms that form(More)
We consider how far two attributes of text quality commonly used in MT evaluation – intelligibility and fidelity – apply within NLG. While the former appears to transfer directly, the latter needs to be completely re-interpreted. We make a crucial distinction between the needs of symbolic authors and those of end-readers. We describe a form of textual(More)