Dongyuan Gu

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The most issue is designing the fitness function of the chromosome when Generic algorithm is been used for gcalculating the minimal attribute reduction in rough set theory. But with the existed fitness function of the chromosome, the one that the value of the fitness function is larger might not be an attribute reduction. So the optimization candidate(More)
In this paper, ASP technology and Access Database are used to design and implement the general course website of Data Structure based on B/S mode. This website is developed through customized template. The column and style of the website can be implemented under the customized template. The user can publish various teaching resource through the service(More)
Study of conflicts is of greatest importance both practically and theoretically. Conflict analysis and resolution play an important role in business, governmental, political and lawsuits disputes, labor-management negotiations, military operations and others. Professor Pawlak proposed a new formal models of conflict situations. In this paper, we first(More)
Efficient algorithms for mining frequent itemsets are crucial for mining association rules as well as for many other data mining tasks. In this paper, we integrate the merits of the matrix algorithm and Index-BitTableFI algorithm, and design an efficient algorithm for mining the frequent itemsets. In the new algorithm, it may be generated directly some(More)
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