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Feature extraction and pattern recognition are two important technologies of speaker recognition system. We introduced the existing speaker recognition technology in this paper, proposed and implemented a speaker recognition algorithm based on the weighted fisher ratio of MFCC. Compared with the traditional feature selection methods, the characteristic(More)
With the rapid development of big data and the national big data strategy is put forward, the Web server cluster facing more complex and severe challenges. The traditional load balancing algorithm has obvious limitations. This paper proposes a dynamic load-balancing model based on the SSAWF (Strong Suspend And Weak Forecast) mechanism. This model uses(More)
In the logistics industry, if every business know the flow and flow direction of different items and the type of items clearly, it will convenient for the business to make sales plan in time and improve the income. Based on the idea, this paper designs a method, which for carry out statistical analysis on the flow of items, and introduce the specific(More)
Hadoop has become a key component of big data, and gained more and more support. Since users have recognized the enormous potential of Hadoop, some of them are working to develop and optimize the existing technologies to supplement Hadoop when using it. This paper gives the basic framework of Hadoop system and describes the optimization work on the parallel(More)
With the development of science and technology, it generates a large amount of data. Data visualization is an important branch to help people get a better understanding of the changing trend of data. Data visualization is a significant method to Big Data Analysis, which shows the importance of data in a visual form. By using data visualization, people can(More)
As oil transport increasing in the Texas bays, greater risks of ship collisions will become a challenge, yielding oil spill accidents as a consequence. To minimize the ecological damage and optimize rapid response, emergency managers need to be informed with how fast and where oil will spread as soon as possible after a spill. The state-of-the-art(More)
Aiming at the functional requirements of the Express Supervision System, This paper discusses the advantages of using AngularJS to build the front-end framework, the advantages of using NodeJS to construct the back-end Web server, and the performance advantages of storing data based on MongoDB. This paper focuses on the storage solutions of using MongoDB to(More)
How to effectively utilize the computing resource remains a longstanding challenge in MapReduce application, and MapReduce system productivity has become a major issue in research field. In the paper, we explored the productivity mathematical models for MapReduce system, defining the productivity as the ratio of the workload and energy consumption per unit(More)
In order to improve the efficiency of Apriori algorithm for mining frequent item sets, MH-Apriori algorithm was designed for big data to address the poor efficiency problem. MH-Apriori takes advantages of MapReduce and HBase together to optimize Apriori algorithm. Compared with the improved Apriori algorithm simply based on MapReduce framework, timestamp of(More)
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