Dongyoung Sohn

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While the explosive growth of social network sites is a common phenomenon across many countries, the ways people use them and their reasons for doing so may differ depending on their social and cultural milieu, for fundamental values are divergent from culture to culture. This study is an attempt to examine how cultural contexts shape the use of(More)
The objective of this study is to clarify the conceptual problems that underlie current studies on the interactivity concept and interactive advertising effectiveness, and to develop a process-oriented framework for understanding the interaction between consumers – product-related websites as a continuous and reciprocal. In this study, we propose that the(More)
The uniqueness of the Internet emanates from its ability to facilitate simultaneous communication between multiple individuals. Identifying the factors influencing consumers’ decisions in transferring and sharing product/service information to others is critical for the successful management of market information flow, which is one of the central objectives(More)
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