Dongyou Seo

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Most of the current CPUs have not single cores, but multicores integrated in the Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) architecture, which share the resources such as Last Level Cache (LLC) and Integrated Memory Controller (IMC). On the SMP platforms, the contention for the resources may lead to huge performance degradation. To mitigate the contention, various(More)
Memory bandwidth is a major resource which is shared among all CPU cores. The development speed of memory bandwidth cannot catch up with the increasing number of CPU cores. Thus, the contention for occupying more memory bandwidth among concurrently executing tasks occurs. In this paper, we have presented Bubble Task method which mitigates memory contention(More)
Workload consolidation based on virtualization techniques has been widely adopted in most Cloud Computing platforms to improve energy efficiency. However, workload consolidation comes with performance degradation due to the contention in shared resources, such as CPU cache, memory controller, etc. In this paper, we study the change of performance and power(More)
—Todays, there are many studies in complicated computation and big data processing by using the high performance computability of GPU. Tesla K20X recently announced by NVIDIA provides 3.95 TFLOPS in precision floating point performance [1]. The performance of K20X is 10 times higher than Intel's high-end CPUs. Due to the high performance computability of(More)
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