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The development potential of solar energy resource, cLimatic characteristics and soil temperature conditions are various in different areas of China, which brings some difficulties in the promotion and appLication of solar energy-ground source heat pump (GSHP). This paper has analyzed the distribution of solar energy resource in different areas of China, as(More)
In this paper, gas-solid flow-field, pressure changes, velocity changes and vortex properties inside gas-solid cyclone separator are studied under various conditions with software of Fluent. The research results show that velocity along Y axis direction (tangential velocity) and along Z axis (axial velocity) are dominant factors in cyclone, static pressure,(More)
According to the serious abrasion phenomenon of diesel engine cylinder liner made of boron cast iron, the mechanism about the abrasion of diesel engine cylinder liner was analyzed. Based on the working condition of diesel engine cylinder liner, inside surface of cylinder liner was electroplated with the material of Ni-Co, and contrast experimental abrasion(More)
The sample of swirling cold air diffuser was designed, which was accompanied by a detailed test project. Following the cold air requirement, the swirling cold air experiment table was constructed, and the sample of swirling cold air diffuser was experimented. The result showed that, with a total-pressure of 24Pa, and a static-pressure of 20Pa, the induction(More)
Pb<sub>0.3</sub>Sr<sub>0.7</sub>TiO<sub>3</sub>(PST) thin films were deposited on Pt coated Si(100) substrates by sol-gel techniques using different sol-concentrations. The structural and dielectric characteristics of PST thin films as a function of the sol-concentration were investigated. PST thin films reveal a columnar texture through the thickness when(More)
The paper researChes the strong heat transfer numerical simulation to the transitional period of medium and low temperature of high temperature heat pipe heat exchanger. It sets the calculation model of the headquarters according to the characteristics of heat transfer of heat pipe heat exchanger, and forecasts the fluid temperature field distribution(More)
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