Dongyao Ji

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In this paper, we propose the notion of Verifiable Attribute-Based Encryption (VABE) and give two constructs of key-policy VABE. One is with a single authority, and the other is with multi authorities. Not only our schemes are proved secure as the previous ABE schemes, they also provide a verification property. This could not be trivially solved, such as(More)
The problem of two-party oblivious polynomial evaluation (OPE) is studied, where one party (Alice) has a polynomialP(z) and the other party (Bob) with an inputx wants to learnP(x) in such an oblivious way that Bob obtainsP(x) without learning any additional information aboutP except what is implied byP(x) and Alice does not know Bob's inputx. The former OPE(More)
In this paper, we use SPIN, a model checker for LTL, to detect vulnerabilities in the AACS drive-host authentication protocol. Before the detection, we propose a variant of the Dolev-Yao attacker model [4] and incorporate the synthesis and analysis rules [7] to formalize the protocol and the intruder capabilities. During the detection, we check the(More)
Model checking is widely used in the verification of security protocols. However, difficulties were often encountered when trying to formalize the complex underlying computations in security protocols. Some flaws of the security protocols, especially the ones that caused by the computations weakness, cannot be detected owing to the simple abstractions of(More)