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Acrylamide is known to be a neurotoxic, genotoxic, and carcinogenic compound. Glycidamide has a close relationship to the toxic mechanism of acrylamide. In order to explore the toxic mechanism of acrylamide, we further discussed the effects of oral administration of allicin on glycidamide-induced toxicity by determining the hematological parameters like(More)
With advances in the development of various disciplines, there is a need to decipher bio-behavioural mechanisms via interdisciplinary means. Here, we present an interdisciplinary study of the role of silica nanoparticles (SiO2-NPs) in disturbing the neural behaviours of zebrafish and a possible physiological mechanism for this phenomenon. We used adult(More)
The application of probes for optical imaging is becoming popular as they have high safety and good biocompatibility. We prepared two kinds of glycosyl-modified diporphyrins, and their potentials as fluorescent probes were tested for the first time. After preparation of the glycosyl-modified porphyrin monomers, Ag-promoted coupling of the monomers was used(More)
To study the effect of blur adaptation on accommodative variability, accommodative responses and pupil diameters in myopes (n = 22) and emmetropes (n = 19) were continuously measured before, during, and after exposure to defocus blur. Accommodative and pupillary response measurements were made by an autorefractor during a monocular reading exercise. The(More)
Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause a series of developmental disorders in the fetus called FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). In the present study we exposed zebrafish embryos to 1% and 2% alcohol and observed the morphology of heart and blood vessels during and after exposure to investigate motor function alterations, and damage and(More)
Currently, surfactants are widely distributed in the environment. As organic pollutants, their toxicities have drawn extensive attention. In this study, the effects of anionic [sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS)], cationic [dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (1227)] and non-ionic [fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO)] surfactants on zebrafish larval(More)
Nanoparticles are widely used in nanomedicine, raising concerns about their toxicity. In this study, the toxicity of bismuth-asparagine coordination polymer spheres (BACP-2) was assessed in zebrafish embryos. Injection of 1-4 cell stage embryos with BACP-2 resulted in smaller head size (particularly smaller eye size), shorter body length, and pericardial(More)
In this paper, the estimation problem of the solution matrix about the perturbed discrete time algebraic Riccati equation (PDTARE) is discussed. The estimation of upper and lower bounds of the solution matrix to the equation under a certain uncertainty assumption are presented by applying the matrix calculation property, and the estimation results are given(More)
The ubiquity of environmental pollution by endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as bisphenol A (BPA) is progressively considered as a major threat to aquatic ecosystems worldwide. Numerous toxicological studies have proved that BPA are hazardous to aquatic environment, along with alterations in the development and physiology of aquatic vertebrates.(More)