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The apolipoprotein M (ApoM) gene is critical in the formation of pre-β-high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and cholesterol efflux to HDL. In this case and control study, 314 ischemic stroke patients and 389 healthy controls were analyzed for three ApoM gene single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), i.e., C-1065A, T-855C, and T-778C, using a SNaPshot Multiplex(More)
BACKGROUND Regulated upon activation, normal T-cell expressed and secreted (RANTES) plays an important role in the inflammatory process. This study is aimed at evaluating the potential association of the -403G/A (rs2107538) and -28C/G (rs2280788) polymorphisms of the RANTES gene promoter with the risk of atherothrombotic cerebral infarction (ACI) in(More)
Akirin2 is an important nuclear factor which plays functions in innate immune response, myogenesis, muscle development, and carcinogenesis. In this study, akirin2 genes were cloned from 4-day-old Sanhuang and AA+ broiler, and its expression patterns were analyzed by RT-PCR. The results showed that there were four SNPs in the 5′-terminal region of akirin2(More)
Hydrogen is a non-polluting and efficient energy carrier. One barrier to utilizing hydrogen is a reliable, low-cost storage method. Metal hydrides possess good kinetics with low absorption/release temperatures, high hydrogen capacities and low cost. Compared with compressed gas and liquid hydrogen, metal hydrides have higher hydrogen storage density and(More)
Two promising areas of research with respect to lithium ion batteries (LIB's) include (a) transition metal oxides, and (b) other high capacity Li-containing compounds that can serve as conversion reactions. Recent studies show that utilizing conversion reactions leads to greater capacities, and nano-porous carbons (NPCs) impregnated by materials such as(More)
Recently, avian viral diseases have become one of the main models to study mechanisms of viral infections and pathogenesis. The study of regulatory relationships and mechanisms between viruses and microRNAs has also become the focus. In this review, we briefly summarize the general situations of microRNAs encoded by avian herpesviruses. Also, we analyze the(More)
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