Dongxu Wang

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Chemoprevention that impedes one or more steps in carcinogenesis, via long-term administration of naturally occurring or synthetic compounds, is widely considered to be a crucial strategy for cancer control. Selenium (Se) has chemopreventive effects, but its application is limited due to a low therapeutic index as shown in numerous animal experiments. In(More)
Celastrol, also named as tripterine, is a pharmacologically active ingredient extracted from the root of traditional Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F with potent anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activities. In the present study, we investigated the effects of celastrol on ulcerative colitis-related colorectal cancer (UC-CRC) as well as CRC in vivo(More)
To gain insight into parthenogenesis in pigs, we report for the first time that using parthenogenetic somatic cells as nuclear donors (PSCNT), the porcine parthenogenetic fetus can develop to gestational day 39. Weight and morphological analysis revealed that PSCNT fetuses were smaller and developmentally retarded when compared to normally fertilized(More)
Tea, a beverage consumed worldwide, has proven anti-hyperglycemic effects in animal models. Better efficacies of tea beverages are frequently associated with high-dose levels, whose safety attracts considerable attention. Based on the inherent nature of tea catechin oxidation, fresh tea leaves are manufactured into diverse tea types by modulating the(More)
We sought to evaluate the safety and efficacy of available biologics that inhibit T-cell migration by blocking α4β7 integrins in inflammatory bowel diseases. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether Crohn disease (CD) patients receiving either vedolizumab or natalizumab have any different effect in CD Activity Index (CDAI). Using Medline, Excerpta(More)
PURPOSE This study describes a real-time spot weight adaptation method in spot-scanning proton therapy for moving target or moving patient, so that the resultant dose distribution closely matches the planned dose distribution. MATERIALS AND METHODS The method proposed in this study adapts the weight (MU) of the delivering pencil beam to that of the target(More)
Proton therapy is an emerging technology for providing radiation therapy to cancer patients. The depth dose distribution of a proton beam makes it a preferable radiation modality as it reduces radiation to the healthy tissue outside the tumor, compared with conventional photon therapy. While theoretically beneficial, its clinical values are still being(More)
Receptor-like kinase (RLKs) is an important member in protein kinase family which is widely involved in plant growth, development and defense responses. It is significant to analyze the kinase structure and evolution of pollen RLKs in order to study their mechanisms. In our study, 64 and 73 putative pollen RLKs were chosen from maize and Arabidopsis.(More)