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In traffic safety related application of Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs), security is a great important issue. Sybil attack is a particular kind of attack where the attacker illegitimately claims multiple identities. In the past years, several approaches have been proposed for solving this problem. They are categorized into PKI-based,(More)
Nowadays, wireless ad hoc networks become more and more popular and significant in many fields. However, the important applications of wireless ad hoc networks make them very attractive to attackers. Moreover, the deployment scenarios, the functionality requirements and the limited capabilities of these types of networks make them vulnerable to a large(More)
VANET is a vehicular ad hoc network. This is a part of mobile ad hoc network. VANETs also called as intelligent transportation system (ITS) in which vehicles communicate to provide timely information. Their aim is to provide security, information and management of network. Instead of their many advantages vehicular network is prone to various attacks. Like(More)
Wireless and mobile communications has experienced an unprecedented rapid growth during the last decade. Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are a completely wirelessly connected through the nodes, which usually has dynamic topologies. VANETs can be employed in many applications such as traffic control, safety related message dissemination, and entertainment(More)
In traffic safety applications for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), emergency messages have to be disseminated quickly and extensively in order to inform as many vehicles as possible in a short period of time. Hence, the broadcast storm problem is prone to occur. In the past, several approaches have been proposed to solve the problem. Among them, we find(More)
Nowadays with the development of wireless communication technology, current User End (UE) in mobile system could access different kinds of network with different Network Interface Cards (NICs). Energy-efficiency media independent handover is needed to support the converting between NICs and save the energy of UE. The decision of media independent handover(More)
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