Dongxu Jiao

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Differential expression of ubiquitin was previously reported between Plutella xylostella strains that are resistant or susceptible to the pesticide deltamethrin (DM). This finding hinted at the potential involvement of ubiquitin in deltamethrin resistance, a theory that demanded further testing. Real-time PCR analyses revealed that one of the ubiquitin(More)
Ubiquitin, a small protein consisting of 76 amino acids, acts in protein degradation, DNA repair, signal transduction, transcriptional regulation, and receptor control through endocytosis. Using proteomics, we compared the differentially ubiquitinated proteins between a deltamethrin-resistant (DR) strain and a deltamethrin-sensitive (DS) strain in(More)
Insecticide deltamethrin resistance has presented a difficult obstacle for pest control and the resistance development is complex and associated with many genes. To better understand the possible molecular mechanisms involved in DM stress, in this study, cDNA microarray analysis was employed. 448 differentially expressed genes with at least a 2-fold(More)
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