Dongxin Shi

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In this paper, an improved Raptor decoding algorithm of 3GPP MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast /Multicast Services)standard is presented. Compared with the algorithm suggested in 3GPP, the improved algorithm adds preprocessing in the generator matrix. The simulation results demonstrate that the algorithm presented in the paper greatly improves the decoding speed(More)
We present a low-complexity high-efficiency LDPC encoder, based on LU decomposition with a novel simulated annealing algorithm instead of classic algorithm. The new algorithm could obtain as sparse low-triangular matrix and upper-triangular matrix as possible during LU decomposition, which is applied to design LDPC encoder in CMMB for example. In the(More)
A new design to provide unequal error protection (UEP) using Raptor codes over erasure channels, named Intermediate Symbols Expanding Window Raptor (ISEW Raptor) codes using windowing techniques, is developed and discussed. ISEW Raptor encodes intermediate symbols with EWF approach, possessing UEP property while keeping systematic code characteristics. ISEW(More)
One of main problems in image sparse decomposition is the contradiction between the quality of the image and the algorithm's speed. To overcome this key problem, a new fast algorithm is presented. At first the number of atoms is decreased by making use of the atom energy property; then this algorithm converts very time-consuming inner product calculations(More)
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