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—In this paper, we propose Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization (HPSO) with genetic algorithm(GA) mutation to optimize the SVM forecasting model. In the process of doing so, we first use HPSO with genetic algorithm to make pretreatment of the data. PSO with GA model is a method for finding a solution of stochastic global optimizer based on swarm intelligence.(More)
Many models have been developed to forecast wind farm power output. It is generally difficult to determine whether the performance of one model is consistently better than that of another model under all circumstances. Motivated by this finding, we aimed to integrate groups of models into an aggregated model using fuzzy theory to obtain further performance(More)
Time series forecasting is an important aspect of dynamic data analysis and processing, in science, economics, engineering and many other applications there exists using the historical data to predict the problem of the future, and is one considerable practical value of applied research. Time series forecasting is an interdisciplinary study field, this(More)