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Modified GMM background modeling and optical flow for detection of moving objects
Segmentation of moving objects in image sequences is a fundamental step in many computer vision applications such as mineral processing industry and automated visual surveillance. In this paper, weExpand
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An algorithm for extrinsic parameters calibration of a camera and a laser range finder using line features
This paper presents an effective algorithm for calibrating the extrinsic parameters between a camera and a laser range finder whose trace is invisible. On the basis of an analysis of three possibleExpand
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Dynamic Visual Tracking for Manipulators Using an Uncalibrated Fixed Camera
This paper presents a new controller for controlling a number of feature points on a robot manipulator to trace desired trajectories specified on the image plane of a fixed camera. It is assumed thatExpand
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Preparation of chitosan oligomers and their antioxidant activity
Chitosan oligomers with different molecular weights were prepared by oxidative degradation method involving hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the combined degradation method using hydrogen peroxide andExpand
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Physically flexible, rapid-response gas sensor based on colloidal quantum dot solids.
A gas sensor based on PbS colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) is constructed on a paper substrate, yielding flexible, rapid-response NO₂ gas sensors, fabricated from the solution phase. The devices areExpand
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Adaptive Visual Servoing Using Point and Line Features With an Uncalibrated Eye-in-Hand Camera
This paper presents a novel approach for image-based visual servoing of a robot manipulator with an eye-in-hand camera when the camera parameters are not calibrated and the 3-D coordinates of theExpand
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Preparation of low-molecular-weight carboxymethyl chitosan and their superoxide anion scavenging activity
Abstract Low-molecular-weight carboxymethyl chitosans (CMCTSs) were prepared by oxidative degradation method involving hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) without or with microwave radiation. ViscosityExpand
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A segmentation algorithm for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis images based on automatic-marker watershed transform
In order to avoid the over-segmentation problem caused by original watershed transform and improve the segmentation precision of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) images, a novel segmentationExpand
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Preparation and dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12–polyethersulfone composites
CaCu3Ti4O12–polyethersulfone (CCTO–PES) composites with various CCTO volume fractions up to 0.5 were prepared. Relatively high dielectric constant (e = 32.7) and low loss (tan δ = 0.063) of theExpand
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Synthesis of LaAlO3 via ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid precursor
Abstract LaAlO3 ceramic powders were synthesized using a polymeric precursor derived from a mixed-metal ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)/ethylene glycol solution. The precursors and derivedExpand
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