Dongxian He

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Water-quality monitoring technology has been taken a great attention in aquaculture because of increasing aquatic products and impact of food safety vicious incidents. In order to meet the technology requirements of water-quality monitoring in multi-parameter, dynamic, and networked monitoring, a water-quality dynamic monitoring system was developed to(More)
After the mining of mineral resource, mineland resources utilization became increasingly complicated. Soil and planting information can be used as the indicators to evaluate mineland reclamation level. In order to obtain the soil and planting information in real time, a CDMA-based soil-quality monitoring system was developed to wirelessly monitor air/soil(More)
The low fertilizer utilization at growing season and environment pollution coursed by unreasonable fertilization are becoming global outstanding problems in agricultural production. Scientific and reasonable fertilization based on rapid and nondestructive plant nutrient detection will be a valuable solution for solving above problems. In this study,(More)
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