Dongwoon Hahn

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Laboratory-based mobile wireless testbeds such as MeshTest and the CMU Wireless Emulator are powerful platforms that allow users to perform controlled, repeatable, mobile wireless experiments in the lab. Unfortunately such systems can only accommodate 10-20 nodes in an experiment. We have designed and built a prototype of a system that uses software(More)
In this dissertation, ROLAX location determination system in 4G networks is presented. ROLAX provides two primary solutions for the location determination in the 4G networks. First, it provides techniques to detect the error-prone wireless conditions in geometric approaches of Time of Arrival (ToA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA). ROLAX provides(More)
Modern desktop machines now use multi-core CPUs to enable improved performance. However, achieving high performance on multi-core machines without optimized software support is still difficult even in a single machine, because contention for shared resources can make it hard to exploit multiple computing resources efficiently. Moreover, more diverse and(More)
MeshTest is a laboratory-based mobile wireless testbed. The system offers more realism than simulation or network-level emulation because it uses real implementation running on real devices, communicating using real wireless hardware over an emulated RF environment. However it also provides repeatability, control, and convenience not possible in field(More)
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