Dongwoo Park

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Basal cell adenoma is a rare benign salivary gland epithelial tumor, usually involving the parotid gland. We report CT and MR findings of three cases with basal cell adenoma occurring in the parotid gland. The three cases presented here demonstrate a well-circumscribed tumor, which showed a cystic and solid, or the pure solid mass. They were well enhanced(More)
Given a set P = {P0, . . . , Pk−1} of k convex polygons having n vertices in total in the plane, we consider the problem of finding k translations τ0, . . . , τk−1 of P0, . . . , Pk−1 such that the translated copies τiPi are pairwise disjoint and the area or the perimeter of the convex hull of ⋃k−1 i=0 τiPi is minimized. When k = 2, the problem can be(More)
Given two convex d-polytopes P and Q in R for d ≥ 3, we study the problem of bundling P and Q in a smallest convex container. More precisely, our problem asks to find a minimum convex set containing P and Q that are in contact under translations. For dimension d = 3, we present the first exact algorithm that runs in O(n) time, where n denotes the number of(More)
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