Dongwoo Lee

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This paper describes a monitoring tool for grid computing[5], called visPerf. It is difficult to see the status of a working production grid system without a customized monitoring system. The status includes many details of the system such as system running information, performance changes, system/software failures, security issues and so forth. Most grid(More)
Distributed Object Systems are known to be very complex. Consequently it is very difficult, if not impossible, to see the overall relationship among participating objects in the system. That complicates the issues connected with performance tuning and maintenance. An economical way to visualize the system is clearly needed. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Today municipalities around the world spend millions of dollars to understand the dynamics of their transportation infrastructure. Traditional approaches for traffic data collection rely on a fixed sensor infrastructure (e.g., inductive loop detectors), and because these sensors are expensive to deploy and maintain, the traffic data coverage is limited to(More)
We propose a novel carpool recommendation method that is based on simplifying a user's movement traces. An effective carpool recommendation system requires that users following the most similar driving routes be identified and that these routes then be consolidated into one or more 'recommended' optimal carpool driving route options that users' can choose(More)