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The authors examined cultural and individual differences in the relation between daily events and daily satisfaction. In a preliminary study, they established cross-cultural equivalence of 50 daily events. In the main study, participants in the United States, Korea, and Japan completed daily surveys on the 50 events and daily satisfaction for 21 days. The(More)
Lymphedema is mainly caused by lymphatic obstruction and manifested as tissue swelling, often in the arms and legs. Lymphedema is one of the most common post-surgical complications in breast cancer patients and presents a painful and disfiguring chronic illness that has few treatment options. Here, we evaluated the therapeutic potential of interleukin(More)
In 3 studies, the authors found support for the value-congruence model that accounts for cultural variations in memory for emotional experiences. In Study 1, the authors found that in the made-in-the-U.S. scenario condition, European Americans were more accurate than were Asian Americans in their retrospective frequency judgments of emotions. However, in(More)
Lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) are differentiated from blood vascular endothelial cells (BECs) during embryogenesis and this physiological cell fate specification is controlled by PROX1, the master regulator for lymphatic development. When Kaposi sarcoma herpes virus (KSHV) infects host cells, it activates the otherwise silenced embryonic endothelial(More)
Several lymphatic reporter mouse lines have recently been developed to significantly improve imaging of lymphatic vessels. Nonetheless, the usage of direct visualization of lymphatic vessels has not been fully explored and documented. Here, we characterized a new Prox1-tdTomato transgenic lymphatic reporter mouse line, and demonstrated how this animal tool(More)
  • Jun Luo, Edward M Greitzer, H N Slater, Laboratory Paul Warren, Julie Finn, Holly Anderson +20 others
  • 2013
A computational study of compressor instability based on body force representation of each blade-row of a transonic stage has been implemented for both clean inlet flow and flow with circumferential total pressure inlet distortion. The computational results indicate that many aspects related to compressor instability differ from what was observed in the(More)
In most developed countries more people are killed in winter road crashes than any other weather related disaster. Monitoring the current surface conditions on roadways is critical to reducing winter traffic accidents. During thirty or forty years, to identify the current surface condition on roadways, some technologies have been applied. But these(More)
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