Dongwei Zhang

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There are at least 250 enzymes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) involved in lipid metabolism. Some of the enzymes are required for bacterial survival and full virulence. The esterase Rv0045c shares little amino acid sequence similarity with other members of the esterase/lipase family. Here, we report the 3D structure of Rv0045c. Our studies(More)
Breast cancer has various molecular subtypes and displays high heterogeneity. Aberrant DNA methylation is involved in tumor origin, development and progression. Moreover, distinct DNA methylation patterns are associated with specific breast cancer subtypes. We explored DNA methylation patterns in association with gene expression to assess their impact on(More)
DNA methylation is related closely to sequence contexts and chromatin modifications; however, their potential differences in different genomic regions across cell types remain largely unexplored. We used publicly available genome-scale DNA methylation and histone modification profiles to study their relationships among different genomic regions in human(More)
Abnormal DNA methylation is known as playing an important role in the tumorgenesis. It is helpful for distinguishing the specificity of diagnosis and therapeutic targets for cancers based on characteristics of DNA methylation patterns across cancers. High throughput DNA methylation analysis provides the possibility to comprehensively filter the epigenetics(More)
Many metabolic studies employ tissue-specific gene knockout mice, which requires breeding of floxed gene mice, available mostly on C57BL/6N (NN) genetic background, with cre or Flp recombinase-expressing mice, available on C57BL/6J (JJ) background, resulting in the generation of mixed C57BL/6NJ (NJ) genetic background mice. Recent awareness of many genetic(More)
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