Dongwei Huang

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The KiSS-1 and GPR54 genes were studied as candidate genes for the prolificacy in sheep. Four pairs of primers were designed to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms of exon 1 of KiSS-1 gene and exon 1, exon 2 and partial exon 5 of GPR54 gene in high fecundity breeds (Small Tail Han and Hu sheep) and low fecundity breeds (Dorset, Texel and Corriedale(More)
Considering full Logistic proliferation of CD4+ T-cells and retarded immune response, we analyze a HIV model in this paper. Global asymptotic stability of the infection-free equilibrium and immune-absent equilibrium is investigated, and some conditions for Hopf bifurcation around infected equilibrium to occur are also obtained by using the time delayed as a(More)
We introduce a stochastic business cycle model and study the underlying stochastic Hopf bi-furcations with respect to probability densities at different parameter values. Our analysis is based on the calculate of the largest Lyapunov exponent via multiplicative ergodic theorem and the theory of boundary analysis for quasi-non-integrable Hamiltonian systems.(More)
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