Dongwann Kang

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In mosaic art, tiles of unique color, material, and shape are arranged on a plane to form patterns and shapes. Although previous research has been carried out on creating static mosaic-like images from non-mosaic input, mosaic animation requires a method to maintain the temporal coherence of tiles. Here we introduce a method that creates mosaic animations(More)
With the growing use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and digital cameras, photography has become an integral part of everyday life. In particular, mobile devices with cameras allow us to easily capture and modify photographs that can be shared via social networks. In this paper, we introduce a mobile device application for converting(More)
According to the growth of mobile technology, people experience high-performance mobile devices. In this environment, processing in real-time is required for mobile application. For colored paper mosaic application on mobile devices, the problem regarding speed must be solved while maintaining high-quality. In this paper, we propose an accelerated method(More)
Although the creation static mosaic-like images from non-mosaic input has been studied, satisfactory methods to maintain and evaluate the temporal coherence of tiles for mosaic animations have remained elusive. Here, we describe a method that successfully generates mosaic animations from videos by applying a temporally and spatially coherent(More)
With the growing use of social networking services, various applications have been developed to utilize their vast capabilities. Photomosaic techniques, which combine many images to create a new rendering of an input image, can benefit from the capabilities of social networks. In this study, we propose a method that generates a photomosaic image by(More)
Visual stimuli are the most sensitive stimulus to affect human sentiments. Many researches have attempted to find the relationship between visual elements in images and sentimental elements using statistical approaches. In many cases, the range of sentiment that affects humans varies with image categories, such as landscapes, portraits, sports, and still(More)
Computer graphics and image processing technologies for editing photographs taken by a user, and for photographic entertainment, have increased in recent years. One of these techniques, non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), is the focus of this study. In this study, we propose a method for applying David Hockneys photographic collage filtering on mobile(More)