Dongsuk Shin

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BACKGROUND Early detection is an essential component of cancer management. Unfortunately, visual examination can often be unreliable, and many settings lack the financial capital and infrastructure to operate PET, CT, and MRI systems. Moreover, the infrastructure and expense associated with surgical biopsy and microscopy are a challenge to establishing(More)
The behavior of the entire medial gastrocnemius (MG) superficial and deep aponeurosis structure was investigated with velocity-encoded phase-contrast, spin-tag, and three-dimensional morphometric magnetic resonance imaging. The displacements and strain of both these aponeuroses, muscle length, and the cross-sectional segment length of the deep aponeurosis(More)
Pathologists currently diagnose breast lesions through histologic assessment, which requires fixation and tissue preparation. The diagnostic criteria used to classify breast lesions are qualitative and subjective, and inter-observer discordance has been shown to be a significant challenge in the diagnosis of selected breast lesions, particularly for(More)
OBJECTIVE When the pedicle screw insertion technique is failed or not applicable, C7 intralaminar screw insertion method has been used as an alternative or salvage fixation method recently. However, profound understanding of anatomy is required for safe application of the bilaterally crossing laminar screw at C7 in clinic. In this cadaveric study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery techniques can diagnose peritoneal findings that suggest tumor cell dissemination. However, they have not been incorporated into routine practice, mainly owing to their complexity. To develop a minimally invasive endoscopic technique for the diagnosis of peritoneal findings, we(More)