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This paper describes the analysis of an optimized envelope shaping function for the envelope tracking power amplifier (ET PA) and its implementation. The proposed shaping function, which is sweet spot tracking with crest factor reduction, improves the efficiency and output power of the power amplifier (PA), as well as its linearity. For an accurate(More)
A quarter-wavelength impedance transformer as well as a number of other factors limit the bandwidth (BW) of Doherty power amplifiers (PAs). We utilize the lower Q of a quarter-wave length transformer and propose a phase compensation circuit and an additional offset line to be incorporated into the matching net works for an enhanced BW of the Doherty PA. The(More)
This paper presents the realization of a linear polar transmitter supporting multistandard applications. The harmonic-tuned class-AB biased (class-AB/F) power amplifier (PA) with the novel envelope shaping method linearly amplifies the input signal with high efficiency. The hybrid switching supply modulator with programmable hysteretic comparator enables(More)
This paper demonstrates a new polar transmitter architecture, which uses the digitized envelope signal to control the drain voltage of a switching mode power amplifier (PA). It is based on a novel polar modulation using the constant envelope modulated signal. Among the various constant envelope modulators, the DeltaSigma modulator is chosen for its(More)
An envelope-tracking (ET) CMOS power amplifier (PA) is fabricated using a 0.18- μm CMOS process. The module containing the supply modulator, the PA, and the output transformer is implemented on a printed circuit board (PCB). The CMOS PA employs the second and third harmonic controls at the input and the second harmonic short at the output for(More)
This paper presents a gallium nitride (GaN)-based hybrid current-mode class-S (CMCS) power amplifier (PA) using a bandpass delta-sigma modulator (BPDSM) for a 955-MHz LTE signal. To enhance the drain efficiency of the CMCS PA, the chip-on-board (COB) technique, which can reduce the external parasitic components of the packaged transistor and allow fast(More)
This paper presents an envelope tracking power amplifier (ET PA) using a dual-mode supply modulator for handset application. The supply modulator has a combined structure with a linear amplifier and a switching amplifier. The dual-mode supply modulator operates in high-power mode and low-power mode by providing the supply voltage of the linear amplifier of(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a high efficiency and wideband envelope tracking power amplifier with sweet spot tracking. By modulating supply voltage of power amplifier (PA), efficiency can be increased significantly. And linearity is improved by envelope shaping and sweet spot tracking. The supply modulator has a combined structure of a(More)
In this paper, we proposed and designed a digitally configured versatile RF quadrature transmitter. The transmitter efficiency was enhanced by IQ cell sharing and the deactivation of cells of opposite phases. In simulation, these techniques were able to increase the average efficiency of the transmitter from 46.3% to 70.7% for a 6.9-dB PAPR LTE signal.(More)