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Interactive video in an e-learning system allows proactive and random access to video content. Our empirical study examined the influence of interactive video on learning outcome and learner satisfaction in e-learning environments. Four different settings were studied: three were e-learning environments—with interactive video, with non-interactive video,(More)
Usability testing of software applications developed for mobile devices is an emerging research area that faces a variety of challenges due to unique features of mobile devices, limited bandwidth, unreliability of wireless networks, as well as the changing context (environmental factors). Traditional guidelines and methods used in usability testing of(More)
—With the increase of economic globalization and evolution of information technology, financial data are being generated and accumulated at an unprecedented pace. As a result, there has been a critical need for automated approaches to effective and efficient utilization of massive amount of financial data to support companies and individuals in strategic(More)
Web stores, where buyers place orders over the Internet, have emerged to become a prevalent sales channel. In this research, we developed neural network models, which are known for their capability of modeling noncompensatory decision processes, to predict and explain consumer choice between web and traditional stores. We conducted an empirical survey for(More)
—As a powerful and expressive nontextual media that can capture and present information, instructional videos are extensively used in e-Learning (Web-based distance learning). Since each video may cover many subjects, it is critical for an e-Learning environment to have content-based video searching capabilities to meet diverse individual learning needs. In(More)
Collaborative commerce (C-Commerce) is a set of technologies and business practices that allows companies to build stronger relationships with their trading partners through integrating complex and cross-enterprise processes governed by business logic and rules, as well as workflows. Business Process Management (BPM) is a key element of C-Commerce solutions(More)