Dongsheng Zhao

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The malignant transformation of esophageal mucosa is a progressive process, which includes basal cell hyperplasia, dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, and invasive esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). The objectives of this study were to prove the relationship of squamous cell carcinoma antigen 2 (SCCA2) mRNA expression in peripheral blood with(More)
Fifty-seven consecutive patients treated surgically for nonunited fractures of the odontoid process were reviewed. All patients presented late, exhibiting neurological deficits subsequent to nonunion. Delay in presentation was between ¶6 and 120 months (mean 32 months) after the original injury, due to missed diagnosis or inappropriate management. Seven(More)
A discrete ‘social force’ cellular automata model is applied to simulate the occupant evacuation in densely occupied buildings. The relationship between the state transition of pedestrian flow and the exit structure, including the exit width d and the exit separation f, are investigated. Discussions on the appropriate placement of exits and the relationship(More)
We consider poset models of topological spaces and show that every T1-space has an bounded complete algebraic poset model, thus give a positive answer to a question asked in a recent paper by Waszkiewicz. It is also proved that every T1-space is homeomorphic to the maximal point space of a d-space. In the classic general topology, people are mainly(More)