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The Volume of Hippocampal Subfields in Relation to Decline of Memory Recall Across the Adult Lifespan
Background: The hippocampus is an important limbic structure closely related to memory function. However, few studies have focused on the association between hippocampal subfields and age-relatedExpand
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The ideal methods for the management of rib fractures.
The clinical treatment choices for multiple rib fractures and flail chest are controversial. For example, among conservative treatment and surgical treatment, different studies have differentExpand
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The effects of a new shape-memory alloy interspinous process device on the distribution of intervertebral disc pressures in vitro☆
This study was designed to measure the pressure distribution of the intervertebral disc under different degrees of distraction of the interspinous process, because of a suspicion that the degree ofExpand
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Branchinotogluma bipapillata n. sp., a new branchiate scale worm (Annelida: Polynoidae) from two hydrothermal fields on the Southwest Indian Ridge.
A new species of Branchinotogluma, found at two hydrothermal vent fields on Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge, is described herein. It can be distinguished from its congeners by the small acicular lobe onExpand
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Density responses and spatial distribution of cotton yield and yield components in jujube (Zizyphus jujube)/cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) agroforestry
Abstract Trees are the dominant species in agroforestry systems, profoundly affecting the performance of understory crops. Proximity to trees is a key factor in crop performance, but rather littleExpand
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Biomechanical evaluation of a novel integrated artificial axis
Abstract Various modified instruments are used for the anterior reconstruction of the tumor lesion affecting the second cervical vertebra, but there have been no reports regarding individualExpand
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Border-row proportion determines strength of interspecific interactions and crop yields in maize/peanut strip intercropping
Abstract Strip intercropping enables increases in yields and ecological services in agriculture. Crop yields of species grown in strip intercropping are often related to the yield responsesExpand
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Agroforestry enables high efficiency of light capture, photosynthesis and dry matter production in a semi-arid climate
Agroforestry systems, which combine annual crops with trees, are used widely in semi-arid regions to reduce wind erosion and improve resource (e.g. water) use efficiency. Limited knowledge isExpand
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Acute adult cervical pyogenic discitis with neurological deterioration treated by antibiotics
Acute adult primary cervical pyogenic spondylodiscitis and discitis are usually treated with surgery and antibiotics, particularly for cases demonstrating neurological deficit. Here we report a caseExpand