Dongsheng Jiang

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BACKGROUND Segmentation of the magnetic resonance (MR) images is fundamentally important in medical image analysis. Intensity inhomogeneity due to the unknown noise and weak boundary makes it a difficult problem. METHOD The paper presents a novel level set geodesic model which integrates the local and the global intensity information in the signed(More)
PURPOSE Computer-assisted intervention often depends on multimodal deformable registration to provide complementary information. However, multimodal deformable registration remains a challenging task. METHODS This paper introduces a novel robust and fast modality-independent 3D binary descriptor, called miLBP, which integrates the principle of local(More)
PURPOSE Patient-to-image registration is critical to providing surgeons with reliable guidance information in the application of image-guided neurosurgery systems. The conventional point-matching registration method, which is based on skin markers, requires expensive and time-consuming logistic support. Surface-matching registration with facial surface(More)
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