Dongsheng Jiang

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BACKGROUND Segmentation of the magnetic resonance (MR) images is fundamentally important in medical image analysis. Intensity inhomogeneity due to the unknown noise and weak boundary makes it a difficult problem. METHOD The paper presents a novel level set geodesic model which integrates the local and the global intensity information in the signed(More)
Computer-assisted intervention often depends on multimodal deformable registration to provide complementary information. However, multimodal deformable registration remains a challenging task. This paper introduces a novel robust and fast modality-independent 3D binary descriptor, called miLBP, which integrates the principle of local self-similarity with a(More)
PURPOSE Deformable multimodal image registration, which can benefit radiotherapy and image guided surgery by providing complementary information, remains a challenging task in the medical image analysis field due to the difficulty of defining a proper similarity measure. This article presents a novel, robust and fast binary descriptor, the discriminative(More)
PURPOSE Patient-to-image registration is critical to providing surgeons with reliable guidance information in the application of image-guided neurosurgery systems. The conventional point-matching registration method, which is based on skin markers, requires expensive and time-consuming logistic support. Surface-matching registration with facial surface(More)
Fish is consumed as a common food by humans due to its nutritional and therapeutic benefits. However, they can accumulate toxic chemicals (such as heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants) from water and food chain. Very few studies have been investigated on heavy metal contents in fish from Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. In order to study heavy(More)
The semi-volatile organic compounds in Lhasa River were determined qualitatively and quantitatively by gas chromatography method with mass spectrometric detection. Total concentrations of 23 organic pollutants in samples from five sites ranged from 1.56 to 2.78 μg/L. The average concentrations for ΣPAEs, ΣPAHs and ΣBTEXs obtained in this study were 1.53,(More)
This paper's survey of the pollution of the Wujin'gang River is important because it is one of the main rivers flowing into Meiliang Bay of Lake Taihu in eastern China. Trace metals (TMs) in this paper are described according to their pollution index (P i). Cluster analysis and correlation analysis are utilized for group sites and to assess(More)
Organ coefficients (including kidney, testis, liver and spleen coefficient) and abnormal sperm rate were used in our study to reflect the exposure to the Yangzte River water. The concentrations of total dissolved metals and semi-volatile organic compounds in tap and source water were measured by ICP-OES and GC-MS, respectively. After mice were fed with(More)