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Pseudorabies Virus Infected Porcine Epithelial Cell Line Generates a Diverse Set of Host MicroRNAs and a Special Cluster of Viral MicroRNAs
Pseudorabies virus (PRV) belongs to Alphaherpesvirinae subfamily that causes huge economic loss in pig industry worldwide. It has been recently demonstrated that many herpesviruses encode microRNAsExpand
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MicroRNA Expression Profile in RAW264.7 cells in Response to Brucella melitensis Infection
MicroRNA (miRNA) is small non-coding RNA with approximate 22 nt in length. Recent studies indicate that miRNAs play significant roles in pathogen-host interactions. Brucella organisms areExpand
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Copper(I)-catalyzed synthesis of 5-arylindazolo[3,2-b]quinazolin-7(5H)-one via Ullmann-type reaction.
The treatment of 2-amino-N'-arylbenzohydrazide and o-halogenated benzaldehyde in the presence of CuBr and Cs2CO3 gave 5-arylindazolo[3,2-b]quinazolin-7(5H)-one in high yields. This procedure containsExpand
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Both swine and human cells are capable to support the replication of swine hepatitis E virus type 4 in vitro.
Using swine anal swab or liver as inocula, cell-culture systems were developed for swine hepatitis E virus (HEV) in swine cells (IBRS-2) and human cells (A549). Both positive and negative strand ofExpand
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HPV16 integration probably contributes to cervical oncogenesis through interrupting tumor suppressor genes and inducing chromosome instability
  • J. Zhao, F. Fang, +6 authors F. Li
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Journal of experimental & clinical cancer…
  • 25 November 2016
BackgroundThe integration of human papilloma virus (HPV) into host genome is one of the critical steps that lead to the progression of precancerous lesion into cancer. However, the mechanisms andExpand
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Horizontal gene transfer events reshape the global landscape of arm race between viruses and homo sapiens
Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) drives the evolution of recipient organism particularly if it provides a novel function which enhances the fitness or its adaption to the environment. Virus-hostExpand
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Impacts of mixed litter on the structure and functional pathway of microbial community in litter decomposition
Abstract The addition of broad-leaf trees to conifers has many purposes including reduction of soil acidification, increase in litter turnover and increase in fertility. The purpose of this study wasExpand
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Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Interactions of Ethanol and Propofol in Rabbits
Propofol is a short-acting intravenous anesthetic which is rapidly metabolized by glucuronidation and ring hydroxylation catalyzed by cytochrome P450. In clinical trials, it was found that patientsExpand
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Discussion of Art Engineering Theory and Thesis (Design) Process Management of Clothing Discipline—Clothing and Design Faculty as an Example
The file published by the Chinese Ministry of Education "University Undergraduate Catalog (2012)," the connotation of clothing discipline was explained. Meanwhile, on the basis of the theory of theExpand
EPS15–NTRK1: a novel NTRK1 oncogenic fusion in patient with lung adenocarcinoma
Depending on the clinical scenarios, merely 0.1–3.3% NTRK fusions are demonstrated in lung cancer, but the remarkable efficacy of Trk inhibitors offers a possibility to use NTRK fusion asExpand